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Service Price List - Mobile Bicycle Service
Basic inspection120zł
Basic inspection of a kid's bike60zł
Complex inspection220-270zł
Cleaning the drivetrain50-90zł
Cleaning the bicycle (without drivetrain)50-80zł
Complete cleaning80-150zł
Guarantee service of Kross/LeGrand - after first month
Children and youth40zł
Mountain, road, tourist, urban and city bicycles55zł
Enduro, race pro, electric, MTB and dirt bikes80zł
Guarantee service of Kross/LeGrand - after first year
Children and youth75zł
Mountain, road, tourist, urban and city bicycles120zł
Enduro, race pro, electric, MTB and dirt bikes150zł
Guarantee service of Superior/Rock Machine - after first month
Children and youth60zł
Mountain, road, tourist, urban and city bicycles120zł
Enduro, race pro, electric, MTB130zł
Shock absorber / fork
Install new fork50-70zł
Replacement of the jump lock cable20-40zł
Shin lubrication10 zł
Inspection of oil-air shock absorber with replacement of dust seals and lubricating oil (oil and grease included, without seals)120-150zł
Basic review of the rear shock absorber100-120zł
Sag setting10zł
Shortening Steerer Tube25-40zł
Gears / Derailleurs
Adjusting Derailleur30-40zł
Adjusting the derailleur in the hub30-40zł
Replacement of the cable / armor with regulation30-50zł
Replacing the adjustable handle50zł
Replacement of the derailleur with adjustment50zł
Straightening the hook20-40zł
Replacement of the derailleur castors40zł
Cleaning / maintenance of the derailleur20-35zł
Replacing the inner tube / tire20zł
Replacing the inner tube / tire at the rear (no chain guard or guard open)25zł
Replacing the inner tube / tires at the rear (full plastic cover)50zł
Replacing the inner tube / tire at the rear (full fabric cover)60zł
Replacing the inner tube / tires at the rear (electric bike with wheel motor)80zł
Centering the wheel35-65zł
Wheel braiding and centering70-90zł
Replacement of rim / hub / spokes80-100zł
Wheel tapping40-60zł
Hub cleaning / lubrication - rear40zł
Hub cleaning / lubrication - front side30zł
Bicycle drum service60-90zł
Cleaning and maintaining multi-speed hubs80-100zł
Replacement of machine bearings20zł (piece)
Backlash counting15-25zł
Chain replacement15-50zł
Freewheel / cassette replacement15-30zł
Crank replacement20-40zł
Replacement of the bottom bracket40-60zł
Lubrication of the bottom bracket35-45zł
Forging / shortening the chain10-20zł
Chain lubrication5zł
Tensioner assembly50zł
Replacement of the derailleur carriage30-50zł
Rudders / bridge / bearings
Replacing the rudders45-55zł
Replacing the bearings35zł
Cleaning / maintenance35zł
Clearing looseness10-15zł
Bridge / steering assembly20-45zł
Shortening the steering wheel15-50zł
Replacing the bridge15-30zł
Replacing the steering wheel15-30zł
Assembly / replacement of wrappers40-50zł
Assembly / replacement of shanks20-40zł
Standard and v-brakes
Brake adjustment20-40zł
Cable / armor replacement + adjustment30-40zł
Replacement of brake pads+ adjustment (pair)20-30zł
Disc brakes
Adjustment of disc brakes15-40zł
Replacement of the cable / armor30-40zł
Replacement of cladding in a bike + regulation35-45zł
Cleaning the clamp (basic)25-35zł
Replacing the blade / disc15-20zł
Straightening the disc 20-30zł
Service of hydraulic brakes (set)90zł
Venting hydraulic brake with regulation50-75zł
Shortening the wire of hydraulic brake50-70zł
Change of clamp / handle / wire / pistons70-90zł
Replacing the frame300-400zł
Threading the bottom bracket shell30-50zł
Replacing pedals20zł
Replacement of SPD blocks in shoes20zł
Replacing the lamp20zł
Replacing the dynamo20zł
Bike assembly from scratch + full adjustment300zł +
Installing the boot25zł
Installation of additional equipment: counter, lamps, fenders, foot, reflectors, mirrors15-40zł
Seatpost replacement15zł
Assembly of a child seat30zł
Replacement of the left crank arm15zł
Preparing the bike for shipment100-150zł
The price of the service is not included in the price list
1 hour90zł